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After years of polishing, the quality of the home can be revealed. VEBOS has experienced 16 years of ups and downs, insisting on invisible ingenuity, and pursuing quality that can be seen.
What Whole house customization services can you obtain at VEBOS?

With our team of experienced craftsmen and designers, From the entrance, living room and dining room, custom bedroom, children' s room, home office, etc.
Whether it' s any room furniture, we can create the most cost-effective hotel furniture design for your hotel project.
Whether you' re looking for a sleek and modern sofa, a rustic dining table, or a one-of-a-kind bookshelf, We can design and build it for you.
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What Whole House Customization Services Can You Obtain At Viper?
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Why Is It Important To Choose A Reliable Whole House Customization Supplier?
Low quality products may cause problems and are prone to damage, and practical materials that do not meet standards can also cause health damage. This means that you need to modify or replace these products, which will consume more time and money.
If the whole house customization supplier does not listen to your opinions correctly or is unwilling to collaborate, lacks a professional design and development team, and is unable to provide professional suggestions in the early stages of design, the root cause of the problem can be identified. The feasibility of drawing schemes is poor, which often leads to various problems in project production and incomplete design.
Some suppliers do not carefully inspect the products during the shipping process, resulting in missing or incorrect parts, which cannot be installed and used in a timely manner after arriving at the customer's site. This may result in more problems during construction, and the completion date may be delayed, which will affect your progress and result in additional costs.
Suppliers who lack integrity may add hidden expenses throughout the entire process, which may cause your costs to exceed budget.
After shipment, some suppliers are dishonest, fail to handle problems in a timely manner, and sometimes even run away, resulting in the buyer being unable to contact and the problem not being resolved in a timely manner. Finding various reasons to evade responsibility, avoiding or even choosing to disappear, and unable to help customers solve problems in a timely manner.
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What Services Can VEBOS Provide For You?
Research and development design
Whole house furniture design is the source of customers' first impression. An excellent customized design of hotel full house furniture can be seen as a weapon to attract customers.
We have an excellent design team that conducts in-depth investigation and analysis of customer groups to gain a deeper understanding of customer image positioning, cultural positioning, service positioning, and other aspects. We can quickly help customers find accurate style positioning and help them shape a unique hotel room theme image.

Our designers not only focus on the spatial design of hotel rooms, but also pay attention to the scientific planning of the functional layout of hotel room furniture, thereby improving the utilization rate of space and perfectly combining spatial functions with aesthetic values. Vebos provides customers with a one-stop service with a professional attitude, creating more valuable customized solutions for whole house furniture.

Visual production

VEBOS can customize according to your style, material, color, and other requirements, ensuring that every product is delivered on time with high quality and quantity, ensuring that you complete the project on time. 
VEBOS understands the particularity of international trade, and customers are unable to monitor quality on-site. How to make customers feel at ease about quality will be the focus before cooperation. We will allow online viewing of production progress to address customer concerns. 

In terms of production, VEBOS has 15 complex processes in material selection and strict production, with 360 degree no dead corners polishing, covering every line and angle of customized furniture. The craftsmanship is exquisite and hand polished, and even the smallest details are never careless.
One Stop Full House Customization Service
Considering that customers need to purchase more materials for the entire store, Vebos, with its 16 years of experience in the display industry, now has a mature and stable supply chain. 
From customized cabinets to props packaging, decorative lighting fixtures, furniture, carpets, curtains, and other one-stop purchases, we help you complete all your purchases. Each material quality is carefully screened, and each process is strictly controlled. While ensuring product quality, we save you time and cost
After Sales Maintenance
We can provide you with 24-hour comprehensive after-sales repair services and correct cleaning and maintenance guidance. 
At the same time, we provide professional customer service personnel with regular phone follow-up and lifelong maintenance. Our professional after-sales service ensures that every product is in optimal working condition and provides timely technical consultation and information updates. Truly achieve multi-dimensional assistance, service, and energy for customers.
Still hesitating?

Tell us your needs or send us your design drawings, and our professional service personnel will provide you with the most suitable solution for whole house customization furniture.

Excellent production capacity

Vebos always believes that only good management can produce high-quality products, and only advanced technology can produce high-quality products that meet the requirements of the times. 
We can provide customized furniture services for the whole house, which is our core business. Our production workshops have dust-free paint baking room, gray batch sanding workshop, wood processing, and hardware workshop.  Basically adopt the world's advanced equipment, and the quality is stable and reliable. Standard requirements.

100% reliable quality

We will inspect the surface of the display cabinet one by one for scratches and smooth use of accessories for quality testing. 
Only when 100% of the goods pass the random inspection will large items be packaged. A confidentiality agreement will be signed for the selection of materials and styles for each product before customization, ensuring that your product is unique.

 At the same time, VEBOS adopts the industry's advanced ERP system to manage the entire production process, taking photos and video recording data for each order, ensuring that the parameters of future return orders are standardized.

Simulated installation before leaving the factory

VEBOS will simulate installation before the product leaves the factory to ensure smooth installation upon arrival at the site. 
For inventory products, we will send the goods to you within 7 days after receiving your payment. For customized products, the delivery time is 15-45 days after receiving payment. This depends on the total quantity required. High yield, efficient delivery capacity, and strong production capacity are always available to solve your urgent needs.
Customization Process
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Call us at: 08613570209907
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Communicate with each other and pat a visit to us
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Quote by Engineering Dept
4 (4)
Confirm mutual cooperation
5 (4)
12 Senior Designer make the custom design for you
6 (4)
Confirm final design solution
7 (4)
Modern professional manufacturing center
8 (3)
Professional shipping and installation guides as well as
9 (2)
Bring you the best perfect display showcase
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Full afer-sale service make you feel relieved
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