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Conditions Of The Agent

● Recognize the Vebos brand and corporate culture to meet basic investment needs.

● Establish a business team that specializes in operating Vebos products.

● Have certain contacts and business resources in the local city.

● Payment requirements for the first batch of orders (sampling, materials, showcases and goods).

City Level

Provincial Capital/state

Prefecture Level City

First Standard

60-1.2 million

300-600 thousand

Note: Adjust according to the level of urban development, please consult the sales manager for details.

Franchise Policy

Vebos keeps up with market trends, increases research and development efforts, and quickly pushes new material applications and product development to the market, looking forward to the value of our products shared and enjoyed by people everywhere around the world.

Give some support to the image of the store and the image of the cabinet.
Our products remain at the top sellers list for years, having exported our product to overseas market.
Provide unified brand recognition system support, layout design and material display of exhibition halls, cabinets, showcase samples, and create a beautiful image display terminal.
The headquartes supports agent to participate in local building materials and home furnishing exhibitions, conduct marketing, and provide corresponding activity support.
For the annual outstanding agents who have reached the basic operating standards and above, the headquarters will provide step-by-step rebate support.
Consult the sales manager for the above details.
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Win-Win Together,
We Look Forward To Your Joining!
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Why Cooperate with VEBOS
VEBOS serves 300,000 households every year, and the whole house solution designed has been highly recognized by customers and has been repurchased several times. In the future, VEBOS will continue to work hard and look forward to more cooperation and exchange opportunities with you.


"VEBOS" belongs to the brand of "Guangzhou WE BO Furniture Co., Ltd.", which was established in 2007. Its products cover wardrobes, cloakrooms, bedside cabinets, bookcases, shoe cabinets, wine cabinets, children' s furniture, cabinets, beds, mattresses, etc multiple categories form a diversified and all-around home furnishing industry layout. 

We have our own design team. The company adopts the world's most advanced production line, fully automated, CNC cutting, CNC hole arranging, and edge sealing. Our production capacity is in line with international standards.

Manufacturing center
Automatic hardware workshop
Dustless environmental baking finish house
Top-level product experience showroom
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Excellent Production Capacity

Vebos always believes that only good management can produce high-quality products, and only advanced technology can produce high-quality products that meet the requirements of the times. 

We can provide customized furniture services for the whole house, which is our core business. Our production workshops have dust-free paint baking room, gray batch sanding workshop, wood processing, and hardware workshop.  Basically adopt the world's advanced equipment, and the quality is stable and reliable. Standard requirements.
100% Reliable Quality

We will inspect the surface of the display cabinet one by one for scratches and smooth use of accessories for quality testing. 

Only when 100% of the goods pass the random inspection will large items be packaged. A confidentiality agreement will be signed for the selection of materials and styles for each product before customization, ensuring that your product is unique.

 At the same time, VEBOS adopts the industry's advanced ERP system to manage the entire production process, taking photos and video recording data for each order, ensuring that the parameters of future return orders are standardized.
People-Oriented, Service First

In the past 16 years, we have adhered to the design concept of "health, environmental protection, fashion, and intelligence" and adhering to the business tenet of "creating a new consumer experience with great value for money for customers".In the "people-oriented, service first" mission we strive to provide quality products and satisfactory service to every customer. 

Professional and sustainable service spirit, honesty, and innovative business philosophy have become the core competitiveness of VEBOS. We treat every business and every customer kindly. "Let our partners create wealth and get rich, and let VEBOS users feel at ease" is our constant pursuit. VEBOS provides customers with personalized and customized services anytime, anywhere.

We have our own design team. The company adopts the world's most advanced production line, fully automated, CNC cutting, CNC hole arranging, and edge sealing. Our production capacity is in line with international standards.
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