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Why Are VEBOS Whole House Furniture the Best
We can design household products according to the needs of consumers, such as room type, living habits, aesthetic taste and other individual needs and preferences
Including bedroom wardrobe closet, hotel wardrobe, apartment wardrobe, office wardrobe.
Including modern kitchen cabinet, luxury kitchen cabinet, minimalist kitchen cabinet.
Including apartment cabinets, kitchen cabinets, living room cabinets, bathroom cabinets, office cabinet, dining room cabinets.
Including coffee tables, dining tables, side tables, conference tables, outdoor tables.
Including storage beds, sofa beds, bedroom beds, kids beds, apartment beds, hotel beds.
Including office bookshelves, home bookshelves, apartment bookshelves.
Including bedroom sofas, hotel sofas, apartment sofas, office sofas, kids sofas, reception room sofas.
Including bedroom closet, walk-in closets, kids closets.
Including office chairs, dining chairs, lounge office chairs, outdoor chairs.
Including kitchen furniture accessories, bedroom furniture accessories, living room furniture accessories.
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All Products
We has a professional designer team, using super 3D cloud design system technology, allows customers to preview the design effect online, and can also experience the design scene in 720° panoramic VR, allowing customers to participate in the design in person. From furniture items to whole house furniture solutions, we will use the most professional industry experience to provide customers with the highest quality design whole house furniture solutions.
Factory Customized design apartment furniture set apartment wardrobe bed sofas
This apartment furniture set is designed specifically for your space, with customizations available to fit your unique style and needs. With a wardrobe, beds, and sofa included, you can create a cohesive and functional living space.
Factory Customized design apartment furniture set apartment wardrobe bed sofa
This is a furniture set designed specifically for apartments, offering customized designs for your wardrobe, beds, and sofa. The set is created in a factory setting, ensuring quality and consistency in each piece.
Factory Customized design apartment furniture set apartment wardrobe beds sofas
This furniture set is designed to meet the specific needs and preferences of apartment dwellers. From the wardrobe to beds and sofa, every piece can be customized according to individual tastes.
Factory Customized design apartment furniture set apartment wardrobe beds sofa
This is a furniture set for apartments that is customized to fit your design needs. It includes a wardrobe, beds, and sofa, all designed and crafted by the factory to perfectly fit your space and style.
Factory direct sales design PVC kitchen cabinets for home apartment and villa
This company offers PVC kitchen cabinets available for direct purchase, suitable for use in homes, apartments, and villas. With factory direct sales, customers can save money while still enjoying high-quality kitchen cabinets.
Factory direct sales design kitchen cabinets island for villa
This product is a factory-made kitchen cabinet island that is directly sold to customers. It is designed specifically for use in villas.
Factory direct sales Modern design modular kitchen cabinets for villa
Factory direct sales Modern design modular kitchen cabinets for villa" offers contemporary and customizable kitchen cabinets for villas, leveraging the direct sales model to offer competitive pricing and personalized service to customers.
Factory direct sales Modern design kitchen cabinets for apartment furnitures
These modern design kitchen cabinets are perfect for furnishing apartments and are available for sale directly from the factory. Save money and get high-quality cabinets delivered straight to your doorstep.
Factory direct sales Modern design kitchen cabinets for apartment furniture
These modern design kitchen cabinets are perfect for apartment furniture and are sold directly from the factory. With sleek lines and a minimalist style, these cabinets add a touch of elegance to any kitchen.
Factory custom shoe cabinet living room Shoe Cabinet With Hanger Storage for home apartment
This custom shoe cabinet is perfect for any living room or apartment, with ample storage space for all of your footwear. Featuring a hanger storage system, you can easily keep your shoes organized and off the floor.
Factory custom Living Room shoe cabinet Multi-purpose Shoe Cabinet With Hanger Storage for home apartment
This multi-purpose shoe cabinet is perfect for your living room, equipped with hanger storage for added convenience. It's a factory-customized solution that will help keep your home or apartment organized with ease.
Custom Living Room Multi-purpose cabinet Shoe Cabinet With Hanger Storage for home apartment
This custom living room cabinet is designed to serve multiple purposes, including shoe storage and hanger storage. Perfect for a home or apartment, it is a space-saving solution that keeps your living area organized and clutter-free.
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Why choose VEBOS

Focusing on custom furniture for over 16 years, we have our own Professional design team.
The company adopts the world's most advanced production line.
Professional manufacture, 3D design 720°panoramic virtual reality, and sample provided.
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Environmental EO & E1 material for health life.
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Production strength

VEBOS whole house furniture is a leading furniture manufacturer with 16 years of industry experience. Our specializes in producing hotel furniture, apartment furniture, and full house furniture. One of the biggest advantages of Vebos is our professional and sustainable service spirit. We caters to our customers' needs and provides them with the best quality products that are both durable and stylish.

Our manufacturing center spans 18000㎡, while the automatic hardware workshop covers an area of 3000㎡. The advanced 800㎡ dustless environmental baking finish house ensures that the products are given a smooth and dust-free finish. Additionally, the 2000㎡ top-level product experience showroom offers customers an unforgettable experience while selecting the furniture. These unique facilities make vebos furniture stand out as an excellent option for those seeking quality furniture within their budget.

Customized Service
VEBOS poetry covers more than 280+ specialty stores across the country, providing customers with personalized customization services anytime and anywhere.
According to the decoration style, you can choose the appropriate board, style and color, so that the furniture can be coordinated with the decoration, and the style is more appropriate. It can also be tailored according to the user's personality and living habits, reflecting his unique taste.
VEBOS can provide you with bedroom furniture, living room furniture, kitchen furniture, bathroom furniture consultation, design, customized production services, which greatly simplifies the entire decoration and purchase process, and truly saves customers worry, effort and time.
Customization of the whole house can avoid corner columns and customize U-shaped cabinets; when encountering inclined staircase corners, it can be cleverly transformed into a work and reading corner; the wall has concave positions, and customized TV cabinets can greatly improve space utilization.
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What Vebos Brings You
All-In-One Service
A one-stop shop offers whole-house furnishings to save your time and cost. From inspiration to installation. we could handle all the processes of your purchase.
Curated Design
Trendy and innovative home designs created by our Italian design team. All tailored to your needs: including materials. colors, styles & features.
Seuperior Quality
Global sourcing. partnering with world-class brands to offer the product of quality. Eco-friendly innovation: Green panel to ensure a healthy and safe condition.
Reliable Assurance
Worldwide showrooms guarantee direct local support from start to end. 2 to 5 years warranty for products.
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Multiple materials for you to choose from
The materials we use have many advantages, such as: Waterproof、fireproof and Scratch proof, Safety and environmental protection, Multiple choices and colorful.
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Formaldehyde-free board has good stability
Environmental protection grade reaches E0
MDF has a high density
Has good sound insulation performance
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One Stop Customization Solution for Whole House Furniture
Vebos focuses on customizing complete house furniture for hotels, apartments, family villas, and other furniture engineering projects.
We have a team of interior designers on standby to provide customers with the flexibility to modify almost all aspects of the furniture design, including size, color, and material. This allows customers to truly create their dream space without any limitations.

Frequently Asked Questions

We are factory direct sales
In General, the delivery date will be 30-45 working days for normal buy quantity. But if bigger order, please check us further.
lt depends on the designs that you choose. Normally, we do not ask for MOQ(Minimum Order Quantity).---But the International shipping cost is not cheap. We suggest customers start with 10 PCS.
Yes, we can offer you samples before the orders. But The sample charge will be paid back after you place the order.
Yes, we can. We have our own professional designers
Yes, of course, anytime welcome.
The warranty time is one year. If the customer received the inferior parts and send us the pictures. We will make free replacements immediately.
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Let our partners create wealth and get rich, and let VEBOS users feel at ease is our constant pursuit. VEBOS provides customers with personalized and customized services anytime, anywhere.
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