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About VEBOS- a highly creative professional door wall cabinet system customization service provider


Founded in 2007, VEBOS focuses on providing customers with customized production services for the whole house. Its products include furniture and complete supporting facilities in many different fields such as bedrooms, living rooms, kitchens, and hotels.  Years of hard work and development have enabled VEBOS to form a diversified and comprehensive layout of the furniture industry.

We hope that this is not a simple living space, but a home that makes customers feel happy. VEBOS has a professional design team, using super 3D cloud design system technology, which allows customers to preview the design effect online, and can also experience the design scene in 360°panoramic virtual reality, so that customers can personally participate in the design. From furniture items to system solutions, we will use the most professional industry experience to provide customers with the highest quality design solutions.


High-quality production provides a stable guarantee for the implementation of the design. VEBOS independently researches and develops the production system, using environmentally friendly boards. From the first draft of the design to the product inspection, each plate produced by VEBOS has its own identification number, which is convenient for the specialized inspectors to strictly track and manage each production step.

In VEBOS, each component must strictly follow the data on the design drawing, and no error of 0.01mm is allowed. Fully automated production equipment has greatly improved production efficiency, enabling VEBOS to complete the entire process from production, quality inspection to packaging and transportation in the shortest time.

From pre-sales to after-sales, VEBOS will provide customers with professional one-to-one services, set up a special team for each project, and develop personalized one-stop furniture solutions for customers. It is precisely because of our professional ability that VEBOS has won various awards and professional certifications and has already covered more than 300 specialty stores across the country, its products are exported to more than 30 countries around the world, and it has completed many transnational projects.

As a highly creative professional door wall cabinet system customization service provider, VEBOS always adheres to the purpose of service and is the most trusted home furnishing brand. We expect that VEBOS will become a leader in the complete custom furniture industry in the future.



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