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Custom Production Process of VEBOS Door Wall Cabinet System


As a company specializing in the customization of door and wall cabinet systems for 16 years, VEBOS Furniture has strong production strength.

In order to meet the large-volume production needs, VEBOS uses the world's advanced production equipment and adopts fully automated and numerically controlled machinery for professional production. Label each plate with an exclusive identification number to fully realize automation and data-based mass production, improve production efficiency, and ensure shipment within 8 days at the fastest.

While improving production efficiency, VEBOS absolutely guarantees product quality. The information of each product is entered into the system, which can be tracked and managed at any time in the system, providing you with strong quality assurance.

Our mission is to become a leading global full house customization brand, committed to providing customers with the most innovative and personalized customization solutions. We will continue to promote the development of technology and craftsmanship, while maintaining a high level of attention to the environment and pursuing the concept of harmonious coexistence with nature. 
We hope to create a unique and perfect living space that meets the needs and tastes of each customer through our full house customization services, creating a comfortable, reassuring, and beautiful living environment, and creating a better quality of life for customers.
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