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VEBOS Professional Service System


VEBOS Furniture is an industry-leading manufacturer of customized door and wall cabinet systems, and can provide customized solutions for the entire house according to your needs.

In the early stage of design, VEBOS will guide and provide floor plan or guide to measure the size, design and proof according to the actual situation of your house. Moreover, you can preview the 3D design effect online, and experience the real house scene in VR 720° immersively. VEBOS will help you quickly choose the best solution among different styles.

After finalizing the design and quotation, VEBOS is ready to start customized production. Each component has its own label, and the production progress and logistics tracking can be clearly defined during the production process, so that it can be done quickly and well within the specified delivery time.

Finally, after you receive the product, VEBOS will provide professional installation guidance. If you encounter problems during the period, you can consult VEBOS at any time. VEBOS will give you the best solution within 48 hours and provide professional one-on-one service.

VEBOS has accumulated decades of industry experience and has a complete service process. We  are looking forward to working with you to create a perfect living space.


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