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VEBOS Whole House Design-Revolutionize Your Business with 3D Cloud Design Technology


Color style matching and functionality are things that all designers will care about, which includes all aspects of furniture. As one of the most influential modern furniture manufacturers, we combine the most typical home concepts of each era to form the design style of VEBOS furniture.

In order to let customers feel the design effect more intuitively, we have independently developed 3D cloud design technology, which can realize matching generation in seconds, and experience the real design scene in 360°virtual reality. 

Here, different styles can be combined, selected and customized. We will use our most professional design to match the most comfortable living space for customers.

When you understand the process of making furniture, you will find that it is so many hidden details that finally make a whole set of furniture. Users will definitely explore deeply, because we give people a tactile and visual experience.

Here you can feel that the smart home is connected to life, the simple and special design makes life more convenient. It is not limited to satisfying the physical functions of the space, but also pays more attention to the expression of lifestyle and spiritual value. From the internal panels to the external furniture, a unified whole design has been achieved.

  • Light up the whole house with one click
  • Special island design, begonia corner design, 270° opening angle
  • Solid wood veneer
  • Restore the original texture of wood grain
  • Uniform color of hardware, overall harmonious atmosphere

Over the years, we have been doing one thing, which is to redefine a home. We always keep in mind what makes it special and what makes it a real home. We are looking forward to working with you to redefine the unique warm space.


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